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About Us

About ACA Wellness Institute

After nearly 50 years of combined experience delivering healthcare in the current system, the founders of ACA Wellness Institute identified a growing, unmet need for a different kind of healthcare. Today’s rapidly changing healthcare systems has created over-worked healthcare professionals that spend nearly as much time completing insurance paperwork as they do providing patient care. As the healthcare landscape continues to change, dissatisfied providers are leaving the profession, in staggering numbers, causing many problems for patients seeking medical care.

Thus, in 2011, David Soltau and Kris Izdebski founded ACA Wellness Institute based on the core value that delivering exceptional medical care must be focused on maintaining the highest level of integrity and honoring The Oath – the universal promise we’ve made as providers – to do no harm.

With integrity and honor at the foundation of our organization, we have left the confines of the traditional insurance-based reimbursement system and assembled an exceptional team of providers who have taken an innovative approach to the delivery of comprehensive, state-of-the-art medical services for high-net-worth individuals, diplomats, or other distinguished individuals.

Our group of highly experienced clinicians is committed to delivering an unmatched level of personal care, dedication, and compassion. Our entire team works together to care for you or your loved one the same way that we would care for our family members.

ACA Wellness Institute can help clients navigate through the web of health care resources and effectively communicate your needs and goals to physicians, hospital staff, and nursing home staff. By making your safety our number one priority, we are preventing many unnecessary complications and putting the control back in your hands!

While some clients may only require minimal assistance through our Senior Care Program, we can also provide Skilled Nursing, wound care, disease management, home therapy, and many other services for individuals with complex medical needs.

Regardless of the medical complexity, ACA Wellness Institute always follows their Holistic Care Model.


Vigilant dedication to protecting your most valuable asset – your health – in any setting, so you can continue to recover or age in the environment of your choice.


To proactively deliver personalized concierge nursing care, in any setting, ensuring your privacy, safety, and longevity.

Meet The Founders

Kris Izdebski RN, BSN, MS

CEO & Co-Founder

David Soltau RN, BSN

CFO & Co-Founder

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