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Home Care News

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How To Keep Seniors Engaged in Life

Most seniors feel like there is no benefit to staying active or being motivated later in life. A lot of ...
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How To Prevent Falls In Your Community

Did you know falls are the number one cause of death for American seniors? There is a misconception out there ...
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Justa Center: Giving Back to the Community

ACA Wellness understands how important giving back is to the community, especially to our seniors and homeless veterans. For over ...
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Dementia: Planning for the Future

Being diagnosed with dementia is and overwhelming for you and your loved ones. You start to ask all the main ...
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Top 7 Caregiver Tips to Get You Through the Holidays

The holiday season is officially upon us. That means tons of hours spent cooking, cleaning, shopping and let’s not forget ...
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What To Do When Your Elderly Parent Refuses Home Care Services

Recently you have started to notice that your elderly parents aren’t going to their scheduled appointments and you have been ...
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7 Easy Ways to Discuss Home Care with Your Loved One

Everyone hates the thought of getting old, and the older you get the more you hate it. You know it’s ...
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Home Care: What is Skilled Nursing Care?

A lot of times when people think about skilled nursing they assume that it is for the older generation who ...
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